Teen Patti Rules

Are you searching for a fast-paced, lively and stimulating online game? Teen Patti, also called Teen Pathi or Flash, could be the answer. It’s an extremely popular gambling card game, similar to Poker, and India’s favourite pastime. Read on to discover more about teenpattirules.com

Teen Patti rules

Just What Is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti originated in India, but today its popularity extends to South Asia and many other countries. A staple card game for generations, it’s now become a trendy online phenomenon. Its popularity covers not just the game itself, but exciting tournaments and competitions too.
Once a source of family entertainment during festive celebrations, it is now eve available in live casinos online. A simplified variation on 3-card Poker, it’s easy to learn and great fun to play and now there are several Teen Patti variations to try.

Playing Teen Patti - Online Casinos

Thanks to technology, you can enjoy this traditional game in many online casinos and even on your mobile devices. With high-quality graphics, real money betting and immersive gameplay, Teen Patti can help you connect with others and have some fun. Before you start playing Teen Patti online, you just need to familiarise yourself with the Teen Patti rules, terminology, and how to play Teen Patti
The game, generally played with between 3 and 6 players, uses a standard 52-card deck without jokers. Similar to many other Poker games, Teen Patti online begins with the betting before the cards are dealt. Once all players have placed their bets, then each is dealt three face down cards. The minimum amount of cash is called the “boot amount”, which is kept in a pot on the table.
Teen Patti rules

Teen Patti Rules - Hand Ranking

Once all cards are dealt, your next move is to raise or make a call, so it’s important to understand the ranking of Teen Patti hands. The game is won by whoever can stay in the game, with the highest hand winning, decided by the hand rankings. Check out below the Teen Patti hand rankings from the highest to the lowest.

During the game, the ‘boot’ money on the table grows. It is won by the player that stays in the game the longest with the highest-ranking hand. Which is why understanding the rules and rankings is so important!

A pure sequence or Straight Flush contains 3 consecutive cards of the same suit.

This is a hand of 3 consecutive cards that are not from the same suit.

This is a hand containing 3 cards from the same suit which are not in any sequence.

This means the cards are not from the same suit, in a sequence, or have the same value. When players hold the same high card, the next highest will then decide the winner.

Teen Patti Rules - Playing Blind

Each player can choose to either place an additional bet to stay in the game or fold. A player can also choose to play blind, meaning they have not looked at their cards. Teen Patti rules mean that they must bet at least the current stake but not more than twice the amount.
Seen players, those that have looked at their cards, must bet double the amount of the blind players to stay in the game. If you are playing blind, you can choose to look at your hand when it is your turn to bet. As a seen player you must wager at least double the current stake, or fold. This is an important thing to master in the Teen Patti how to play rules.
Teen Patti rules

Teen Patti Rules - Playing Chaal

Teen Patti rules also mean that in order to remain in the game, any seen player must play Chaal. Any seen player can elect to do this by betting the required amount, which must be equal to the previous player’s. There is also the option to raise the bet.
This new bet then becomes the current level of bet required or the Chaal. Players generally stay in the game and continue to bet because they have confidence in a strong hand. You can also use weaker Teen Patti hands to take a risk and try to bluff other players into folding their own hands.

Teen Patti Rules - Playing Show

A seen player also has the option of asking for a Side Show. This allows them to compare their cards with the previous player; however, this must also be a seen player. Players can either accept or decline this request, and it requires a wager double the current stake. If the player beats your cards, then you must fold.
Teen Patti rules state that if all players decline to show, then the game is a tie with the existing pot shared equally. You can also opt to fold at any point if you think your hand is weaker than other players. Although you forfeit the bets you have placed in the pot, you can cut your losses and keep your money for another game.
Teen Patti rules