How To Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a fun favourite and loved by Indian players. An interesting and entertaining card game, it is based on Poker and is extremely similar to the popular 3-card Brag. It’s straightforward to learn so why not give it a try? Read on to discover more about



How to play Teen Patti

Teen Patti - Starting To Play

The game’s popularity has now moved online to the many virtual casinos which cater to Indian players. There is a certain amount of luck, strategy and skilful bluffing involved, which can create a lethal winning combination.
You can play Teen Patti for real money, but it’s best to start for free and hone your skills first. There are also several Teen Patti variations when you fancy a fresh challenge.

Playing Teen Patti At Online Casinos

When you want to play Teen Patti online, the very first step is to find a safe and secure casino to ensure a stress-free experience. You can check out more info on the rules and instructions on how to play Teen Patti on our website. Then it’s time to familiarise yourself with the gameplay by trying out a few free games online.
Teen Patti online varies between casinos, sometimes played with just two people, but usually with between 3 and 6 players. It uses a standard pack of 52 cards with the jokers removed. To be a successful player, it’s vital to understand the hand rankings before playing with money. Before play starts, there will be a ‘boot’ amount collected from all players, be sure to set yourself a maximum budget too.
How To Play Teen Patti

How To Play Teen Patti Basics

Once all cards are dealt, your next move is to raise or make a call, so it’s important to understand the ranking of Teen Patti hands. The game is won by whoever can stay in the game, with the highest hand winning, decided by the hand rankings. Check out below the Teen Patti hand rankings from the highest to the lowest.

This is a hand with 3 cards of the same rank – 3 Aces rank the highest and 3 two’s are the lowest.

Along with the hand rankings, there are five very distinct moves in the classic Teen Patti game. Learning to bluff is also essential. Try playing for free at first to hone your bluffing skills.

Once you are confident enough to play for real money, then the most immersive experience is in the Live Casino. Here you can enjoy the thrill of real-time gaming, HD streaming and fun player interactivity.

In the live casino lobby, you will find many options to join Teen Patti tables with various betting levels. They are open to all players, so just choose your favourite and pull up a chair.

For experienced and high rolling players who like the thrill of a more serious game, there are private Teen Patti tables. Here you can enjoy fast-paced games for seriously high stakes.
The game of Teen Patti has produced an ever-growing number of variations to keep players entertained. Some interesting ones use the joker in play such as Jokers in the Middle, Jokers Galore or Pairs are Jokers!

Wagering On Teen Patti

Learning how to play Teen Patti also involves studying the betting rules. At the beginning of each game, players will place and agreed minimum bet to enter the game.The call and raise of the bets are both known as the Chaal in Hindi. From the first round, the bet amount required of each player depends on if they are playing blind or seen.
Seen players must wager twice as much as blind ones to remain in the game. Blind players must bet at minimum the current stake, but not more than double it. All players can fold and exit the Teen Patti game whenever they choose, forfeiting any money in the pot. It can be helpful to find any Teen Patti bonuses which might be on offer to boost your playing budget when starting out. 
How To Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti Strategies

Teen Patti is primarily a game of luck, but there are some strategies which can help when you start to learn how to play Teen Patti. Start slowly and take the opportunity of using any free chips or bonuses, which may be available for both beginners and experienced players. This way, you can make some money without the risk of losing your own.
Never overestimate your luck when playing Teen Patti and fold when you need to. If there is a sideshow option, use it to ask the previous player to show you their card so you can compare hand strengths. Always stay alert and watch your opponents. Their playing patterns and facial expressions are as important as your ability to read them, use bluff to increase your winning chances.

How To Play Teen Patti Overview

Teen Patti is an intriguing card game, enjoyed for centuries, and now Indian players everywhere can enjoy the thrill online too. The objective of the game is not just to have the highest hand but to use bluffing to increase the final amount in the pot before the round ends.
So, while it’s straightforward to learn how to play Teen Patti, be fully prepared. Do your homework on Teen Patti rules, probabilities and hand rankings so that you get the maximum enjoyment from playing. You can choose to play for fun, for free, or take to the tables for real money. Whichever way, you will still want to win!
How to play Teen Patti